Let’s take on challenges!

Arcangel Digital is an agency specialized in the creation of web based solutions. Whether it is a show case to promote your offer or a commercial platform, yes, our mission is to reveal who you are.

Our commitment

To create and realize your web solution tailored to your business objectives.

Our goal

To achieve yours.

Your vision is ours

You know it, your presence on the web is essential. We join our expertise in brand image and our technical skills to set forth with truthiness your activities, not to anyone, to your target.

Just like you, we like when it’s simple.

« Simplicity is the supreme sophistication », let’s borrow it from Leonard Da Vinci to apply it in your business model.

1 We define your objectives and aspirations. We have to know and understand you to reach your goals.

2 We translate your needs in effective steps in timetable.

3 Having the specifications written down, let’s initiate the realization.

4 Knowing the daily challenges that creating a project represent, we adapt the conception according to those.

5 Finally, we harmonize the final render to communicate your message with precision.

There is never a unique solution to a problem — let’s find yours!

Our offer is wider than what you just read, or might think. Our product line is large, whether it is via our internal developers or thanks to our partners of choice, we use the products and technologies that you need. Just ask us the question, and we’ll answer.

Web Site

Institutional, eCommerce, Catalogue, responsive design and multilangual.

Application iOS & Android

Creation and custom development of mobile application.

Logo creation

Ideation and design, you will leave with a graphic charter in hand.


Simple or evolved, they can even be done from social networks.

Content writing

Give us the ink, we have the pen!


Natural, SEO or SEM all to put you at the top of the list.

The Digital Signage

This technology is widespreadring and has become essential, whose marketing earnings or not enough democratized yet. In fact, the digital signage fits in the times, by corresponding to the needs of personalization the companies need. Being efficient in terms of communication signify being more visible, but overall, in a targeted way.

The Digital Signage diffuses information on screens. The particularity of this technology is that it can adapt the information to the person located near the place of hosting. This feature enables to target the consumer with precision, from the data that hold its smartphone.

That said, the digital signage could be used in two contexts, whether to structure the internal communications of an organization or for promotional purposes. The broad audiovisual possibilities, allow companies to use this technology to assure to always be more efficient on all fronts.

Attract your target while improving the customer experience.

Your digital signage project usually consists of multiple screens installed as well in the window only inside, but also tablets on the shelves. By example, terminals or totems. The diversity of supports allows you to vary the formats: videos, photo slideshow, interactive animations, etc.

Be visible, but not too much.

In a world where near 2/3 of the population has a memory visual , it is essential to adapt communication strategy function of this particularity.

Rearrange your sales area by integrating digital screens to its organization.

Creating a typical customer journey allows you to organize his passage around products and promotions that you want to put forward.

Add some interaction

By adding an IBeacon box, which can "dialogue" on a small perimeter with smartphones and tablets of your customers, thanks to a Bluetooth connection. Placed in a point of sale, an iBeacon tag can send messages, promotions and even save them visits to improve loyalty programs.

The DS Player

Customize your view from your office without having to load an application on your PC.

Your access is personalized and secure. So, you can at any time modify your communication campaign on one or all of your displays.

With the Saas mode you are connected, with Guaranteed security and availability of data at all times, 24 hours a day.

Schedule your advertising campaigns at times and days that suit you without altering the content being diffusion. Determine the duration, format, time and day of appearance of advertising.

Our DS players broadcast in Full HD or 4K. We manage the display type horizontally or vertically, you adapt the content according to the desired layout.

Getting started and simplified installation by following the Wizard.

Cloud platform

Manage all your views from a connection Internet. Analyze the attendance of your places thanks to our tool marketing analysis with real-time reports of movements of your loyal customers and those in the making. Finally, view on a map of your establishment the hot spots, to measure the points of interest of your customers. The loyal customers appear with their names while others are identified as unknown.

Go further with the interactivity of your display that can interact with the phone the customer by allowing him access to your catalog, showing him the models available unexposed on the shelf or by informing them about the availability of your products.

Apply your loyalty card as a promotional campaign, which after installing the application on the phone, customer's mobile phone, will be identified by his number. You can offer him a new experience customer, by sending privileged messages.

Blend in with the decor

Your goal, increase the attendance by bringing a new experience, while integrating into your design, master your message with responsiveness and simplicity, the tools are provided.

An improvement a new concept or the customization we are listening. A doubt, we are present for you to attend.

Rate Arcangel DS HD- DS HD/4K- DS 4K- DS Android

PLAYER DS HD to the Unit

330,00€ P.UHT

10€ P.HT/m

Minimum commitment 1 year

210,00€ P.HT/2 years

Subscription + assistance chat, email, & phone included 2 years

PLAYER DS HD/4K to the Unit

370,00€ P.UHT

10€ P.HT/m

Minimum commitment 1 year

210,00€ P.HT/2 years

Subscription + assistance chat, email, & phone included 2 years

PLAYER DS 4K to the Unit

750,00€ P.UHT

10€ P.HT/m

Minimum commitment 1 year

210,00€ P.HT/2 years

Subscription + assistance chat, email, & phone included 2 years


45€ P.UHT

10€ P.HT/m

Minimum commitment 1 year

210,00€ P.HT/2 years

Subscription + assistance chat, email, & phone included 2 years

❖Android application validated on the screens, with Player ANDROID TV built IIYAMA professional brand.

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